Astral Windoors offers thousands of choices for fire-rated doors with a fire-resistance used as part of a passive fire protection system to reduce the spread of fire and smoke between separate compartments of a structure. Our metal fire rated doors providing additional safety to any occupants. We are the number one steel fire doors manufacturers offers all the benefits with Extra strength, more security, Enhanced durability and extended fire protection.We are the high-quality fire exit doors manufacturers in Bangalore, for your commercial, industrial or residential needs.

Our experts can help you select and install your door for a professional and secure fit with an impressive range of high quality products; Astral has established a strong presence across the country. The best way for you to build a custom and special-order door is Astral Windoors. Consider the size you need, the color you want, your door jamb depth, and the style glass you prefer, if any. You can also discuss permit issues specific to where you live. To meet the multitude of doorway needs in the non-residential construction industry, Astral manufactures a wide range of hollow metal doors and frames for interior and exterior use.

The state-of-the-art manufacturing plant facilitates a quick response on large and small custom orders. Astral’s updated roll forming equipment is part of the technology that ensures quality, accuracy, consistent and timely delivery of products to the market.

We manufacture high quality Metal Fire Rated Doors and Wooden Fire Rated Doors.The highly durable steel fire doors are resistant to cracking and bowing, which means they last longer and save your establishment money in the long run. Since steel doors offer insulating properties, they are energy-efficient and can even lower your establishment’s heating and cooling costs. Obviously these traits are especially handy in environments with high precipitation and temperatures.

Steel fire doors and Wooden fire doors can offer users an incredible two hours of fire protection. This means that they will contain flames and smoke within one section of a building so that everybody can get out safely, and so that the rest of the building and its contents are protected. As long as the doors are made to measure to ensure a perfect fit, and are installed correctly – including the frame, seal and hinges – then this advanced degree of protection is available to all customers who choose this kind of fire door. Astral metal fire rated door block extensive heat and flame for 120 minutes to allow you and your patrons to reach safety. The fire-rating sticker located on the door itself indicates just how long your door is rated for.

Our Wooden frames are not affected by temperature because it is a bad conductor of heat and electricity so less prone to condensation. Astral wooden frames give very good or attractive looks in the building. They can provide any finish required by the architect. Maintenance of our wooden frames is easy and cheap, and they have long life if good quality timber is used. Wooden frames doors and windows are more resistance to air and wind than the metal frames as they have minimum joint in frame and shutter.