Astral Windoors Pvt. Ltd.

These shaft doors are one of the best examples of the finest quality products of our company. All the shaft doors are produced by latest machinery handled by our qualified and experienced staffs, ensuring you that all our products are well manufactured.

Salient Features of Shaft Doors :
  • Less maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • safety and security
  • Longer service life
  • Door frame & door leaf is made of 1.5mm MS Sheet

Shaft Doors

Shaft Doors - Exemplary Quality Products
Our shaft doors exemplify the highest standards of quality that our
Company upholds. Each shaft door is meticulously crafted using
State-of-the-art machinery operated by our skilled and experienced
Staff, guaranteeing exceptional manufacturing.
Salient Features
- Less maintenance
- Easy installation
- Safety and security
- Longer service life
- Made from 1.2 mm MS Sheet

Choose Astral Windoors for shaft doors that combine functionality, longevity, and impeccable quality. Experience the difference our finely crafted products make in ensuring the safety and security of your premises.

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