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Wooden Fire Rated Door of 1 hour and 2 hours is of critical importance in buildings and areas contain the spread of fire.

Our Wooden Fire Rated Door meet all the relevant criteria having been tested as per BS 476 pt. 22, 1987, EN 1634 1 2000, and durability tested as per BSEN 1191 2000. Wooden Fire rated doors combine both strength and durability with highly attractive architectural appearance.

Wooden Fire Rated Doors

Wooden fire-rated doors
Wooden fire-rated doors play a crucial role in buildings and areas.
where containing the spread of fire is essential.
Main Features
Tested as per BS 476 pt. 22, 1987, and EN 1634 1 2000
Durability-tested as per BSEN 1191, 2000
Fire rating: 1 hour and 2 hours
combination of strength, durability, and attractive appearance

Choose our wooden fire-rated doors for their ability to withstand fire, meet relevant standards, and enhance the architectural aesthetics of your space.

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